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Заграница нам поможет. Заграница с нами!

Госдеп выразил глубокую обеспокоенность обыасками, арестами и вызовом на допрос белоленточных. Говорит - это непропорционально и, вообще, душит свободу слова и собраний. Показательно, что это главная обеспокоенность. Ничто так не беспокоит Госдеп, как вчерашние обыски. Главное мировое событие.

First is with regard to Russia. The United States is deeply concerned by the apparent harassment of Russian political opposition figures on the eve of the planned demonstrations on June 12th. This follows searches of opposition leader’s homes and several arrests in connection with the May 6th demonstration in Moscow, and also follows the passage of the new law in Russia that imposes disproportionate penalties for violations of rules concerning public demonstrations. Opposition leaders organizing the June 12th demonstration are being called in for police questioning, which is scheduled to begin one hour prior to the demonstration, clearly designed to take them off the streets during the demonstration. And taken together, these measures raise serious questions about the arbitrary use of law enforcement to stifle free speech and free assembly.


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