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Листая старую терадь...

Цитата из труда норвежского стрелка "A European Declaration of Independence"

...Chernobyl, an accident or the most successful anti-Marxist attack in recorded history?

Many political analysts claim that the Chernobyl accident was one of two primary factors (Chernobyl + Afghanistan) which broke the back of the Soviet Union. This is perhaps true, at least it contributed significantly to the fall of this Marxist terror regime. But what if it wasn’t an accident at all but rather the actions of a Ukrainian nationalist military cell which had successfully infiltrated the plant? These brave anti-Marxist operatives might have infiltrated the facility and posed as plant-workers. They sabotaged the facility and caused the accident well knowing how much damage it would cause to the Soviet Union. As this scenario seems farfetched it is still hard to completely rule out the possibility. Obviously, it was not in the interest of the Soviet Union to admit to such a “military” defeat and it was not in the interest of the armed Ukrainian nationalist movement to take credit for the attack. Taking credit for such a devastating attack would prompt the Soviet tyrants to completely wipe out all Ukrainian nationalists and patriotic sympathisers as a result. How many millions did the Soviet Union massacre; 40-60 million? And how many more would it have massacred had it not been for this brave Ukrainian nationalist cell? They inflicted massive civilian suffering, tens of thousands dying of cancer (a majority was caused by a significant delay in evacuation though and cannot be blamed on the cell). However, at the same time they may have actually saved millions from certain death...

Он тут думает, что среди обслуги Чернобыльской АЭС были украинские националисты, которые и провернули такой хитроумный теракт. Теракт в итоге обрушил этот кошмарный СССР, зверски замучивший 40-60 млн человек.
Граждане антисоветчики-диссиденты, кровь норвежских подростков в т.ч. и на ваших руках. Это вы и такие как вы налили ему говна в голову.
Ну и картинка для наглядности. Обратите внимание на его шеврон:

"Охотник на марксистов"
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