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Невидимая рука рынка

In a press conference Saturday morning, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the price of ventilators had skyrocketed from $25,000 each to $45,000, as 50 states and the federal government all bid against each other for the vital oxygen device. “Why? Because they’re in such demand and there’s such competition to buy the ventilators,” Cuomo said. New York has calculated that they need 30,000 ventilators to fight the worsening pandemic, which is likely to hit an apex of hospitalizations in 21 days. However, every other state is also desperate for the equipment. “We’re literally bidding up the prices ourselves,” Cuomo said, adding that he wanted state governors to form a nationwide buying consortium. He said it wasn’t price gouging but, rather, “just private market competition.”

Губер Нью-Йорка поясняет, что фирма-производитель задрала цены на ИВЛ с 25 до 45 тысяч долларов, потому что вырос спрос - федеральное правительство и правительства штатов конкурируют между собой при попытке заказать нужное оборудование.

Для меня, как "совка", это вообще за границей понимания.

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